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A decade ago, Crestron laid the foundation for DigitalMedia™, the AV distribution technology that would go on to transform the industry. Today, DM 3.0, the enterprise standard, does it again.  So, what exactly is DM 3.0, and what does it mean to you?

DM 3.0 is not a product. It’s a set of core, standard-setting technologies embedded in the DM product line. You could think of it as requirements in a consultant spec that might read, “Video distribution system must be DM 3.0 or equal.” Only DM products meet all of the core requirements.

Brilliant razor-sharp images
with smooth motion.

Uncompressed bit-for-bit 4K/60 distribution & scaling
We’re accustomed to watching video at 60 frames per second, which delivers smooth motion.

4K gives us razor-sharp images, but first-generation 4K sources support 4K at only 30 frames per second. Therefore, you may have noticed choppiness in 4K video demos. Now, you should expect and demand distribution of 4K at the full 60 frames per second. You also need scaling technology that can convert any resolution and frame rate to any other. 


Streaming AV
Streaming leverages IT infrastructure to deliver content anywhere on your network. Existing infrastructure can often be used to facilitate unlimited distribution, either across campus or around the world. You can easily add streaming inputs or outputs to link any room to any other. However, streaming isn’t a “silver bullet,” and sometimes point-to-point uncompressed delivery is best because it maintains the highest quality and doesn't introduce latency. Products that meet the DM 3.0 standard offer the best of both worlds; streaming and point-to-point on one platform. 

Leverage IT infrastructure to deliver content anywhere on the network. 
Centralized monitoring with
Crestron Fusion and SNMP. IT standards support 802.1X, TLS,
Active Directory.

Enterprise-class IT solution
Presentation and collaboration technology is increasingly part of how we communicate – making AV as central to business as IT. This necessitates centralized monitoring and management to automatically detect failures, enabling proactive service.

AV equipment must support IT standards, including 802.1X, Transport Layer Security (TLS), Active Directory, and SNMP.


End-to-end scalable solutions for every room type
Today’s enterprises are comprised of rooms of all sizes, from huddle spaces to boardrooms, from classrooms to campuses. To provide a consistent experience, where every room works the exact same way, a validated architecture – meaning the components are designed together as part of a single-vendor solution − is needed for all room types. It’s also critical that solutions can be scaled to add capabilities and inputs/outputs easily.

Validated architecture from huddle space to boardroom, classroom to multi-campus.

DM 3.0
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Learn more about DM 3.0 (PDF)

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