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Crestron Fusion® Custom Reports

Analytics your way
Crestron Fusion gives you the analytics reports you need to acquire valuable insight into how your meeting rooms, facilities, and AV equipment are being used and how energy is being consumed. Largely based on feedback from customers like you, the new reports are designed to help you plan for and cost-justify investments in the integrated building technologies from Crestron that make your knowledge workers more productive and your business more profitable.

Meeting analytics in Crestron Fusion answer these key questions:
How many hours were my rooms reserved for meetings?
What is the average length of meetings?
What is the distribution of meetings by length? (In 15-minute intervals/hours.)
What percentage of the work day are my rooms used?
How many meetings are held in my rooms during any particular time of day?
Who are the most frequent organizers of meetings in particular rooms?
Which meeting organizers are holding the longest meetings on average?

Your decisions, our support
We’ve designed the reporting interface in Crestron Fusion to enable new reports to be added at any time. We can custom-build reports that support whatever business decisions you need to make, using any data that Crestron Fusion collects.

It's all about the datafusion-custom-reports.png
Imagine having the ability to watch every room in your facility and record whatever information you want. That's the power of Crestron Fusion.

For meetings
Crestron Fusion maintains a history of all one-time and recurring meetings that were scheduled and held. It catalogs:

  • Who organized the meetings
  • Date/time the meetings were scheduled to start and end vs. the date/time they actually started and ended
  • Whether or not scheduled meetings actually took place
  • If a meeting was extended or declined, ended early, or was otherwise changed by the organizer

For in-room devices
Crestron Fusion can track all operations of the equipment in rooms, from the buttons pressed on the UI to the type of video input that was used.

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