Welcome to the Crestron 2017 Home Technology Awards These awards celebrate the engineering brilliance, innovative minds, and hard work of our integrators, consultants, and programmers in projects featuring Crestron solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

At Crestron, we strive to simplify and enhance the lives of millions of people every day around the world. Our company’s success relies on the professionalism and expertise of all our partners, and we are proud to highlight this work every year.

This year’s winning entries demonstrate an inspiring versatility, complexity, and creativity that underscore the sheer breadth and depth of our partners’ Crestron expertise. From a Prohibition Era landmark completely transformed into an elegant home theater showroom, to a best-in-class AV distribution and control solution aboard a 73m super yacht.

Every year we’re more astounded by the quality, size, and scope of the projects, making the task of choosing the winners a great pleasure – and more and more challenging. I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who entered. If you weren’t successful this year, please do enter for the awards next year.

Congratulations to our Crestron Home Technology Awards 2017 winners!

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John Clancy
VP, Residential

Most Unique Application
Winner: Logic Integration

Best Design & Engineering
Winner: DC Home Systems

Best Design Meets Tech
Winner: Osbee Industries, Inc

Best GUI
Winner: ElevateGRFX / Digital Automation

Best Lighting Application
Winner: Casaplex

Best Partner Integration
Winner: Modern Automation

Best Incorporation of Crestron Pyng® Platform
Winner: Source Home Theater

Best Upgrade
Winner: Audio Impact, Inc

Best Shading Application
Winner: Aurum

Best Showroom/Demo Space
Winner: Media Systems, Inc

Best User Experience
Winner: Communications Engineering Management

Ultimate Multi Dwelling Unit
Winner: Service Tech Audio Visual

The Ultimate Crestron Super Yacht
Winner: AHT Marine

Ultimate Crestron Home
Winner: AHT
Winner: Smart Homes Innovations


An incredibly easy-to-use automation system with high-end, whole home audio and a pro audio line array experience were of paramount importance to the client in this 14,000 square foot home. He wanted a system that would make a huge impact on his guests when he hosts fundraisers and special events. To accomplish this, all lighting, audio, video, and security, from the guesthouse and pool house, to the garages that house the client’s luxury automobiles, were fully automated with Crestron through one simple interface.

Location: Castle Pines, CO
Sienne Custom Homes: John Rottschafer
Interiors: Kimberly Timmons
Architect: Michael Perez



The focus for this project, the Playhouse, was to maintain the lodge aesthetic while incorporating technologies for convenience, comfort, and entertainment control that would be invisible to the occupants. The building was already under construction, which created various challenges to overcome. For example, the client insisted on a window in the cinema. Fortunately, the Crestron motorized, true blackout shades were the perfect solution. Working in conjunction with the millwork company, all shades, mechanisms, and light-blocking channels were hidden from view.

Location: Meredith, NH
Designer: Arlene Dvorine, Dvorine Associates
Builder: Tom Bresnahan, Bresnahan Builders
Architect: Rob Carty, TMS Architects
Audio Specialty: Curt Hoyt: CA Hoyt Audio Calibration



Space was at a premium at this famous Fifth Avenue address in New York City overlooking Central Park – to the point that studs were often turned sideways to thin the walls. Certainly a useful architectural solution, but a challenge that required many custom configurations to meet the demands of the space while making no compromises on the quality of the connected home experience. With those challenges solved and the inner workings of the system hidden inside the walls, Osbee turned to everything that one could see.

Location: New York City, NY



For this project, ElevateGRFX’s team of GUI design experts focused on all subsystems that a Crestron system can control while making it aesthetically pleasing to the end user. To accomplish this they created a custom Crestron theme for each subsystem, using photo-realistic 3D renderings of scenes that invoke control of each one. The modern-looking panels create a clear differentiation between subsystems. Reserving iconography for functions makes controlling the home through the Crestron system easier and more intuitive.

Location: Hollywood, FL
Builder 1: Juan Mancera
Builder 2: Ivan Sanchez
Builder 3: Steve Harrington



This project was a study in creative lighting and shading control, as the home’s exterior is comprised entirely of glass. Factors such as solar heat gain, fading, and privacy must be considered. Utilizing Crestron sensors and buttons, the team designed a seamless method to control the 18 motorized windows and 4 doors, which all have an automated interior shade. Individual control over nearly every fixture in this home takes lighting control to a new level.

Location: Warrenton, VA
Architect: David Jameson
Builder: Pure Form



Richmond, BC is a very unique place in Canada because of its large Chinese population. The majority of the high-end homeowners don’t speak English as their first language. Modern Automation used this opportunity to design and build an advanced Crestron integrated home featuring a dual language user interface and integration with several Crestron technology partners including Sonos®, Amazon Alexa®, and Crestron Connected® devices.

Location: Richmond, BC
Builder: Nuhaus Home
Designer: Amanda Evan Interiors



This five-story brownstone was originally equipped with classic Crestron devices including a PRO3 control system and D3 Pro™ lighting control software. All automation and control were updated with Crestron Pyng lighting control, thermostat control, security, and shading control. Programming was redesigned and rebuilt with Crestron Studio® software. Custom scheduled lighting scenes were created enabling the client to utilize year-by-year changes within the home, thereby avoiding large programming fees for customizing every lighting and shading control.

Location: New York, NY



This home began as nearly a museum exhibit: untouched since the 90s. Audio Impact brought it fully into the modern era with a fiber network and Crestron control of lighting, AV, skylights, gates, motorized windows, HVAC, pool, and more. Crestron was chosen not only because of the scale and scope, but also because the client is a software engineer, able to appreciate the abilities of a Crestron system. The system needed to be simple to use. The biggest challenge was the lighting system; the original Lite Touch not only controlled lighting, but features such as windows, shades, solenoids, water heaters, and more, with inadequate documentation. Working with the electrician and interior designer, Audio Impact created documentation showing all the lighting and integrated features.

Location: San Diego, CA
Builder: Alex Ocampo, The Workshop LA
Designer: Marco Polanco, Polanco Designs



A stunning Denver home comes alive brilliantly with state-of-the-art technology and automation designed to keep up with a busy family. Obsessive details throughout not only keep the inner workings hidden, but also showcase how it can enhance the home in form and function. The project was a well-executed collaboration between the design/build team, Aurum and the homeowners. Aurum provided the design, comprehensive plans, products and installation to ensure the end result was highly efficient, safe, luxurious, and fun – very fun.

Location: Denver, CO
Builder: Fletemeyer Homes
Designer: ADF Designs LLC
Lighting Design: 186 Lighting



This 10,000 square foot Prohibition Era landmark was acquired by Media Systems in 2002 and since completely renovated to be the premier home theater showroom in Houston, Texas. The Crestron makeover in 2017 has elevated the showroom to rival any Crestron Experience Center.

Location: Houston, TX



NYC mega-developer Dermot Company wanted a custom high-end AV solution for 21 West End Avenue, a residential rental oasis unlike any other, rising between the Hudson River and the heart of Manhattan. CEM designed and deployed a number of specialty products and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the unique needs of their client: a huge indoor lap pool and spa with an 80-foot long video projection on an open wall; screen projection on an 18-foot high ceiling in the Grand Lobby; and a full audio experience for a variety of the amenity spaces for easy access and operation.

Location: New York, NY
Designer: ICRAVE
Builder: Tishman 
Architect: SLCE



The clients in this luxury apartment were very “custom,” to say the least. They had a very specific vision of how they saw themselves using their space as power users and entertainers. Not only did they seek to fully customize their home system, they also wanted to transform the entire interior into a warm modern space anyone would love to live in. This gave Service Tech Audio Visual the opportunity to wire the unit properly when the walls came down and ceilings were cut into. The end result is nothing short of stunning.

Location: Austin, TX



AHT Marine is dedicated to ensuring its clients enjoy the highest levels of comfort, communication, and entertainment during short or extended voyages. Project Hasna, a 73m super yacht, required a best-inclass, extremely reliable integrated AV solution. AHT Marine provided the solution, based on Crestron technology. Crestron touch screens, handheld remotes, iPads and Cameo keypads are strategically placed throughout the vessel for convenient control of the audio emanating from the almost 200 speakers and subwoofers throughout the yacht, and the video distributed to more than 30 high-resolution displays.

Location: Miami, FL



This Miami Beach home takes luxury living to the next level. The homeowner wanted to add two separate apartments, a hidden wine room, a commercial-style gym, a home theater and an outdoor entertainment area with a retractable roof. Based on the size of the property and the amount of equipment and customization needed to complete the project to the owner’s specifications, AHT knew Crestron was the only choice. With Crestron technology, there are basically no barriers for system customization and expansion.

Location: Miami, FL



The challenge for this project was one of scale: integrate two Crestron Pyng systems and an AV3 control system to work in perfect harmony on one user interface running on 10” touch screens and smart devices including the iPad®. One Crestron Pyng system controls lights and shades, while the second one controls music. The AV3 controls all third-party systems, the alarm system, pool, motorized doors, ponds, color LED chandelier, 40 TVs, HVAC system with 20 zones, and a Sonnex® multi-room audio system with 64 Zones. And then there’s the 25-seat home theatre!

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Builder: Bolin Development
Architect: VEA Architects